40% But How!?

By David

Well well well… How the mighty have fallen! People thought I was nuts years ago when I said PrEP or Truvada (a drug that by an HIV negative person that prevents HIV from being transmitted to them) was a bad thing. How could it possibly be?! Didn’t you listen??? You take the pill once a day, its covered by many insurance plans, has minimal side effects… and you pretty much can’t get HIV!! How could this be bad???

It’s bad because gay men can’t stop being sluts. These people, a notable subset of the larger gay population have absolutely no self-respect. They often have dozens of partners a month, don’t remember their names, faces and many times are not even sober when the fuck them. All PrEP does is give them an excuse to continue to have anonymous sex, except now without protection. “Its all good man, I’m on PrEP, go ahead”. You may not get HIV but guess what you do get? Everything else!

It would be one thing if all these people were doing is hurting themselves. However not everyone is promiscuous all the time and they may want an actual date once in awhile. Here is where they harm the innocents… People who don’t follow the same lifestyle who may have no idea about their chosen partners past. See, STD’s take time to show symptoms, but can spread quickly and before they do. Congratulations newbie.

So how does the great state of California respond to all of this you might ask? By making it no longer a felony to have HIV and KNOWLINGLY infect someone by having unprotected sex with them! No… I’m not kidding. Yes it takes two and its everyone’s individual responsibility to be safe; but you are telling someone who is HIV positive if they knowingly have sex with someone who’s not, and infect them; that its no longer a big deal…. ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME?!

To take things a step further all these “curable” STD’s that are being spread around may not be forever. We already have antibiotic resistant strains. So thank you very much gay “community”! Thank you for contributing massively to the already repent overuse of precious life-saving gifts to humanity called antibiotics. Pop another pill, throw away the condoms and find the closest person around you to fuck! I sure hope that orgasm was worth it!

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