Statistics, and Bullshit

By Mar

So get this, I’ve gone over statistics on mass shootings and something interesting stands out. Take for instance the statistic that there have been 273 mass shootings this year. Also, 50% of mass shootings are committed by white men. Okay, so this sounds like a damnit cracker moment, until you look at the information that those statistics was pulled from. Get this, the news organization that says there have been 273 mass shootings classifies any gun related event where more than 4 people were shot OR killed occurred. Okay, that seems like an extremely simplified way of looking at gun events, so it’s no wonder they can make their number sound so UGE! So what about that stat which says uncle kracker is the shooter in 50% of those shootings? Well, it turns out, there is no official classification for the definition of “mass shootings,” which means that a study which shows that 80% of gun deaths are gang related definitively proves that A fk ton of white dudes are in gangs. Stats are used to manipulate. DON’T BE MANIPULATED.

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